Can Parents Prepare Themselves for the Sting of Rejection — of Their Children?

It's all fun and games until somebody gets rejected.

A story in which a hug between toddlers goes awry, and an overly enthusiastic Momma Bear hijacks my internal dialog.

Alex is at that age, nearing 2 years old, when she’s excited to play with other kids. She has a twice-weekly playdate with the 2-year-old that lives across the hall from our apartment. When these two little girls get together, it’s an unmitigated pandemonium of happiness: screeches and squeals of joy while they chase each other and jump up and down on the couch. The whole scene reminds me of when Alex met my parents’ golden retriever: lots of happy screaming and running, plenty of scratches and bumps and bruises that would normally be a game stopper, except that the game is too fun to give up. In a word, delightful.

Yesterday, we went over to another friend’s house in the neighborhood. Read more at…

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