When Your Kid Says You’re Her Best Friend, Cling to That Memory for Dear Life

My favorite little girl.

It started with a business trip. How desperately I missed my daughter manifested itself in the form of anxiety and tears. I wondered if I was cut out for travel away from my family. Over the phone, her little voice brightened my day with, “Hi, Mom! Hi, Mom! Hi, Mom! Hi, Mom!”

I Love This Part of Parenthood

The morning after my return, as I unzipped her sleep sack, Alex cheerfully pipped, “I’m glad you’re back!” Damn, that felt good.

Then last week, she said, “I’m happy you’re my friend,” as she leaned into me for a hug. The next day, she escalated my label to “best friend.” I was obsessed with these comments from her. I had to loosen up the pressure valve of happiness bursting in my heart by sharing her remarks on my Facebook wall. Read More on Parentables.com

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