What’s Happening at Chez Morton; Plus, Project Simplify

Let’s see, what’s new here…

  • We’re getting more sleep. Mostly.
  • Alex is eating some solid foods. Sort of.
  • I will soon begin mommy blogging for TLC, so more details to come there when the site launches.
  • I’m going full throttle on the job hunt. Does anyone require the services of a digital media maven? I’m for rent.
  • Tying a balloon to a baby’s ankle is good fun.

What else… ah yes, Project Simplify. The time is now. Let’s do this, people! This week, we’re working on our closets! Each Monday for five weeks, Simple Mom will post a hot spot, and then we all (that means you) get cracking towards decluttering and organizing the spot, all with delicious before-and-after photo-ey goodness.

My plan is to post my shots this Friday. I know that the before shots of my closet are going to be worth seeing, because my closet is currently totally atrocious, so if you’re looking to feel better about yourself, come on by to see my ‘before’ train wreck, and hopefully I will redeem myself with some beauteous after photos.

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