Intuitive Readings & Fees

Why have an intuitive reading?

Perhaps you have struggled with some problem or issue for months, years, or even most of your life without relief. It might be job troubles, issues with relationships, conflicts with a parent, or wishing to release oneself from self-sabotaging behaviors or destructive patterns. An intuitive reading can give you the information you need to stop struggling and start living with more peace, freedom, joy and ease.

When you make an appointment for a reading, your spirit guides can start formulating the answers for you and the messages you need to hear to move you further along the path towards growth and expansion.

How to make an appointment:

  1. Email me at and include the subject line “Intuitive Reading”
  2. Tell me how long you’d like your appointment to be: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour.
  3. Choose 2 different days of the week and times you are available for a reading. Please include your availability and your time zone in the email. I will reply to your email with an appointment date and time within 24 hours.
  4. Go to and send me the amount of money that corresponds to the length of the reading you desire: 15 minutes ($20 — first-time clients only); 30 minutes ($60); 1 hour ($120).

During a reading, I tune into the messages your guides want to share with you. Upon hearing the messages, many clients have immediate breakthroughs and a-ha’s about how to solve their issues. Others will understand the next steps they need to take to begin the resolution of their problems. Most will feel a sense of relief, happiness, and hope that their prayers are heard and are being answered.

How does an intuitive reading work?

A common question I receive from my clients is, “How does all this work? And who exactly are you talking to?” The answer is: It depends. Everyone has dedicated spirit guides tasked with helping them throughout the course of their lives. Different passed loved ones or angels can come along for parts of the journey and to help heal ancestral karma. Depending on the issues at stake, different guides or angels can come forth to speak through me to the client.

As well as providing readings, I also help others develop their own intuitive gifts so they can rely on their own intuition for day-to-day decisions, rather than having to pay a psychic for answers. It’s my goal to help as many people as I can get closer to Divinity and to their own angels and spirit guides, who really want to communicate with them and help them. (If you want help developing your own intuition, follow the process to sign up for a reading, below. Specify in your email that you want intuitive coaching.)

Everyone’s guides communicate differently: some with words, others with images, and still others with a combination of the two. And just like people, each guide has a different style. Some are verbose, others terse, with every variation in between. By pointing out these subtleties, I help others to recognize when their guides are speaking to them.

But I understand that some people just want to hear the answers right away. When a situation is complicated or emotional, it can be important to get the professional help of an intuitive to cut through the confusion and receive clear guidance. It’s my belief that everyone can benefit from hiring an intuitive from time to time. Even other psychics will hire intuitives for guidance, especially when high emotions are involved.