I Have HUGE News!

I’ve been hiding away, I know. But I’ve been working on something I’ve been very excited to tell you about:

I’m launching a new site — a business, to be exact! It’s called The Monarch Company. I will still be blogging, of course, although, I’m a little sad to say, no longer here at Swell Easy Living. However, I am absolutely giddy about the new venture, and I invite you to come along for the ride! The new site is under construction, but feel free to poke around. I will let you know when the site is closer to complete.

Over the past several years, I’ve known that I wanted to help people, but I wasn’t sure how or what I had to offer. After reading copious amounts of books in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and self-help and doing some training, I made some realizations:

1. I was living the dream, checking off boxes as I went: college degree, high-paying media job, marriage, kids…what was next, retirement and death? I knew there was “something else” out there for me…I wasn’t in tune with my own inner-most desires, what would actually make me feel happy and satisfied in life.

2. After a lot of research and work, I learned how to shed a ton of limiting beliefs, how to squish my inner critic,and how discover and pursue my real dreams and a lifestyle that fires me up.

3. There are tons of people who were living the same way, never finding what the something else was. Now it’s my mission and duty to help others learn some of the tools that help me every day. The new business is centered around classes and events, both online and off. And of course, there will also be old-fashioned (free) articles.

I hope that you’d come check out the new site to sign up for the newsletter (right-hand side) so you can stay updated. Also, please follow me on my new Facebook page, and via my new Twitter handle.

Wishing you peace, love and fulfillment,

Katie Morton

Hello Insomnia, Old Friend. Tonight I Took Advantage of You.

iced coffeePhoto by Kenny Louie / Creative Commons

I’m excited. There are good things brewing in my life, not limited to the tasty iced coffee sitting beside my laptop.

When I woke up at 2AM this morning, I thought, “NO problem. This is just that whole ‘People are not meant to sleep 8 hours at a stretch‘ phenomenon showing itself.” The upshot of a BBC News article is that, historically and biologically speaking, it’s normal to split your overnight sleep into two chunks. If you wake in the night, then take advantage of that time to meditate, plot your great ideas, or just otherwise relax and repose until you fall back to sleep. Don’t stress out about insomnia and getting back to sleep; instead, enjoy the nighttime intermission.

In the dark while comfy in bed, I got to thinking about this project that’s been percolating on the back burner for a few months now. I decided to get up and take some notes and allow myself to think through a vision I had while lying there.

I hopped back in bed at 3AM fully expecting to finish out my night’s sleep without incident. But I was hungry. Ravenously hungry. I’m hosting a commercial video shoot in early May (tentatively, hopefully, fingers crossed)…wanting to look my best for that, buttoned-up eating combined with military-tough workouts were coming back to bite me.

I’m not a middle-of-the-night eater, though, so when I thought about actually putting food in my mouth, I felt turned off. Yet there was the hunger, gnawing at my guts, making me completely incapable of sleep. I thought some more about my project, and got a few of those jolts of insight that make you feel super-excited about a creative endeavor.

At 4AM, I knew sleep was off the table for the night, so I began my day in earnest. Hence the iced coffee. I wrote a post for Parentables. I made a second cup of coffee, and then I wrote up a shot list for my pet project.

As my daughter says when she rushes up to a crowd of people she doesn’t know, “Hi hi hi hi hi!” She’s friendly like that, and I can take a page out of her book. I decided it was high time I check in here and say, “Howdy.” Sometimes people email me and say “hi” back, and that feels AWESOME. So I want to extend that warm feeling to you. I’m holding your face in my hands and saying, “Hi hi hi hi hi!”

I’ve Been Slaving Over a Hot Keyboard for You: Enjoy These Links to Lots of Stories

Photo by Erik Abderhalden / Creative Commons

Your Kid’s Dentist Could Ask to Pull Wisdom Teeth for No Real Reason: Prepare Yourself

My favorite story is of the guy whose greatest injury post-extraction wasn’t in his mouth; it was his bruised breastbone. Your dentist doesn’t always know best when it comes to wisdom teeth. Read this so you can school the tooth expert.


Photo by Kelly Skalsky

3 Reasons Putting Yourself First Will Make Your Kids Happier

Parents are judged as being selfish for doing anything for themselves in today’s world.

After you read this article, you can tell Judgey McJudge-Pants where to stick it.


Photo by Anthony Majanlahti / Creative Commons

4 Scientifically-Proven Ways to Reduce Your Appetite and Lose Weight

These tips will not only help keep you slim for life, but they’re a lot more fun than weeping into an empty container of Ben & Jerry’s and wailing, “WHYYYYYY?!!” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Photo by Jamiesrabbits / Creative Commons

How to Be a Role Model for Your Daughter: 3 Secrets to Boost Self Esteem

An earnest yet actionable post to keep our girls’ chins up. Bonus – boost your own self esteem in the process.


Photo by Yours Truly

How to Take More Pleasure in Parenthood: 4 Tips for a Calmer, Happier Existence

You with the small kids — the next time you find yourself pining for the days you could use the bathroom without an audience, read this.


Photo by Roger Wollstadt / Creative Commons


20 Ways Becoming a Parent Can Change Your Personality and the Way You Think

Having a child is a little bit like having a lobotomy. I mean that in the best way possible.


Photo by Kelly Skalsky


How You Can Look Younger and Fight Mommy Brain

New studies are showing that light exercise can facilitate cognitive function as we age. Thank god there’s something to be done about this case of brain rot I’ve got going on.


Photo byTurtlemom4bacon / Creative Commons

Teach Your Child to Eat (and Like!) Vegetables

My girl is finally eating her veggies rather than throwing them violently to the floor.

Well, sometimes. You can’t win ‘em all.


Photo by Yours Truly

Protein Packed Recipe for Teething Toddlers: Egg Pancake

This one is really about why we should all eat an egg every day.

Remember when they said that thing about dietary cholesterol raising our blood cholesterol?

Yeah. Forget about that. It’s all lies.


Photo by Sean MacEntee / Creative Commons

How I Survived Leaving My One-Year-Old for the First Time

Tips for traveling when you miss your shmoopy-kins.



Photo by Yours Truly

3 Uses for Baby Powder That Have Nothing to Do With Babies

Do you have ants, greasy hair or heat rash? Neither do I.

You’re not actually supposed to use baby powder on babies. This article tells you why.

Rant: Summer is NOT Over!

I won’t lie, I’m irritated. Everywhere I turn, I keep hearing the words, “As this summer comes to a close,” and “Now that we’re a few days from the end of this summer,” and other such crap.There are 28 days left. Yeah, that’s right. 20-freaking-8 days, or FOUR whole weeks. That’s almost a month of summer left.

Listen up, my people. Summer is three months long. The first day of summer was June 21st and the last day of summer is September 23rd. Ignore Labor Day, except to enjoy a nice summer BBQ or other festive little summer party. And I stress SUMMER party. Labor Day does not mean it’s fall.

I don’t know who started this ridiculous rumor that summer is over after Labor Day, but I’m here today to tell you that it’s NOT. Each season is three months long. Fall gets three months. Winter, unfortunately, feels like it gets six months, but it DOESN’T. It gets three. So does spring. And by golly, SO DOES SUMMER.

So stop trying to end summer early, or I’m going to cut a bitch. Summer is conducive to swell easy living. Cutting bitches is neither easy, nor swell. You can see how this premature end-of-summer B.S. is problematic for me.

If you’d like to see me look like a crazy homeless person, ranting about summer (this is not my finest look, y’all) then watch the video.

Here is a pleasant article I wrote about how to squeeze the juice out of summer, in case you missed it the first time:
12 Ways to Take a Small, Daily Vacation This Summer to Let Your Soul Sing

That is all. Carry on.

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