Katie Morton

Katie Morton

Who the Heck Is This Broad?
My name is Katie Morton, and I’m a reformed perfectionist.

Perfectionism is a soul-sucking disease. You know you’re a perfectionist when:

  • You are a judgmental wiener-butt-poopy-head, especially towards yourself.
  • You procrastinate, because if something can’t be done “perfectly” then you shouldn’t bother doing it at all.
  • You avoid entertaining because you’re not Martha Stewart.
  • Your house is a disaster because don’t have time to keep it pristine.
  • You think that a small amount of effort isn’t enough to make a worthwhile difference.

Swell easy living is the perfectionism antidote. We’ll take small, easy steps to make life fulfilling and to keep our homes welcoming and happy. I’ll confess some struggles when my life is feeling neither swell, nor easy. We’ll share shortcuts and life hacks so that we can save time and live well. I will be your cheerleader and your biggest fan, because you are worth it!

I’m a social media and editorial professional living in the Washington, D.C. suburbs with my husband Steve and our baby girl.

My debut novel is about the quirky life and times of a New York City rooftop beekeeper. Kelly views her interactions with other humans through the lens of bee society. You’ll cringe and laugh as Kelly fumbles with her career, her friendships and her dates, but she ultimately learns her way towards a final epiphany that upends her viewpoint and her life. Agent inquiries welcome.

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