About Katie Morton

Hi, I’m Katie Morton, inspirational fiction author, researcher, and personal development expert. I have a passion for writing about happiness, willpower, and success.

My first novel Secrets of People With Extraordinary Willpower was inspired by my struggle to gain willpower of some pretty bad habits.

My SOON TO BE RELEASED novel Secrets of Successful People is a sequel to my first novel.

I like to write inspiring posts and novels for people who want more freedom and happiness in their lives. I write about how to gain the willpower, clarity, and discipline to shed the bad habits and time wasters that stand between you and the life of your dreams.

Willpower doesn’t come naturally to me. I’m easily distracted by doughnuts and shiny things, but I’ve discovered that with certain techniques and practices, we can all gain the willpower we need to live with ease and much less frustration.

Katie Morton
Katie Morton

Whether you want to lose weight, make money doing what you love, or learn to live more fully, you’re in the right place. Welcome, and thank you for being here. I want to help you make your own rules, and have the courage to follow them.

We often get confused about willpower: we think we need it to force ourselves to do what feels bad, like diet or work at a job that we hate. But we can actually increase our willpower by cutting through the societal noise and pressure so you can listen to your heart and find your positive focus in life.

I’m only human. I fall down (sometimes face first into a pizza) and when I’m full, I get back up. This blog is about trying, sometimes failing and sometimes succeeding—and about never giving up hope and faith that with consistent effort, we will improve.

I write advice that’s backed by research and it works. Hey, if I can quit wine for a year and write a book, either the research works, or it’s a miracle.

Stick around, make yourself at home. Pick up a free copy of my workbook to get started with your own willpower project so you can accomplish some badassery in between muffin breaks. Sign up right now, below.

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