At Long Last, an Update Wherein I Reveal That I Need to Be Liked

I must apologize to my email subscribers. I promised to send updates when I blogged at Parentables and I haven’t been doing that.

The post about How to Get More Nutrition Into Your Picky Baby or Toddler (Recipe Included) cost me some subscribers, I’m assuming because that’s clearly a topic that’s very parenting focused, and not true to the original content categories of Swell Easy Living.

And so I was hesitant to continue to supply updates here. But the truth is, a lot of the content I write for Parentables is not purely about parenting. Some of it is, sure, but people can choose to read what interests them, and it’s completely unhelpful of me (and completely ridiculous, I might add) to avoid updating my subscribers for fear that I will lose some!

So all of this to say that I have been blogging, and I need to send a whole host of updates, which I will do in batches with multiple links. I will try to keep specific content categories lumped together in each update as I get us all back on track.

I am going to attempt (near) daily updates until we’re caught up. Beyond that, I do plan to blog much more frequently, and so expect to see emails (more often than never) for subscribers. In case this results in too many emails for some, I am launching a Facebook page. And then if you “like” me, well then, I can hardly be sad if you unsubscribe from my email updates.

Carry on.