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How to Break Any Bad Habit (From the Inside Out)

When we think of habit change, we usually focus on the behavior—“STOP DOING THAT!”—and then we wonder why it doesn’t work. When you’re caught up in a cycle of engaging with a bad habit you’ve been trying to let go of for a long time, there’s a lot of mental…

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The 6 Secrets of Successful People You Must Teach Your Kids

Let me start off by saying that all humans are dysfunctional in some way. Even people we think of as being the elitist of the elite have character defects. The good news is that we can all change and improve and make our lives work. We can all be successful…AND…

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5 Steps to Boost Your Confidence

Women are expected, at least by the media, to be perfect creatures: thin and beautiful, even-tempered and ambitious. This impossible set of standards is enough to crush anyone’s self-confidence. I’ve learned that these five confidence boosters can help make it a lot easier to feel confident and comfortable in your…

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About Katie Morton

cropped-Katie-Morton-Author.jpgHi, I’m Katie Morton, inspirational fiction author, researcher, and personal development expert. I have a passion for writing about happiness, willpower, and success.

My first novel Secrets of People With Extraordinary Willpower was inspired by my struggle to gain willpower over some pretty bad habits.

My SOON TO BE RELEASED novel Secrets of Successful People is a sequel to my first novel.

I like to write inspiring posts and novels for people who want more freedom and happiness in their lives. I write about how to gain the willpower, clarity, and discipline to shed the bad habits and time wasters that stand between you and the life of your dreams.

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